If your mind clogged with the questions like when your marriage will take place,which is the best time period to get married.


should you get married to a particular person or not, what is causing a delay in your marriage, if you have more than one proposal which will be the best suited, etc. Then you need not burden and reach us without nerve-racking yourself. The Marriage Astrology also focus on love marriage, promised marriage, delayed marriage and denied marriage which mainly depends on the planetary positions.

Times of great calamity and confusion are not productive even for the greatest minds. Amidst of the big confusion in the life conflicts of conscience and the turmoil of daily living,an abiding faith given by the Aamil Babaji.H.J.Ahmed Dehlvi  Astrologer becomes an anchor to our lives. And you are no more misguided by different types of thoughts. Thus calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence and leads to good health. It helps you to decide the time of your marriage and tell you in advance what factors can lead to problems like divorce or unhappy married life.

Everyone wants to have a successful and happy married life. The people are afraid as in today’s world the divorce rate statistics are very startling so it has become very important to have the compatibility check by the marriage astrology before proceeding with the marriage.

It is said that: “If you are fearful, a horse will back off. If you are calm and confident, it will come forward”. So no more worries, Marriage Astrology by Aamil Babaji H.J.Ahmed Dehlvi Astrologer gives detailed answers to your unrequited questions about your own or your son or daughter’s marriage. Let not these minuscule questions snag you or your children’s mind. Directly reach to us as Aamil Babaji H.J.Ahmed Dehlvi Astrologer will answer all your questions and show you a correct direction.