We all want to know when we will meet our soul mate, fall in love and get married but knowing when it will happen is nearly impossible to know. However, birth chart, astrology, the planets that rule your sign, and numerology can all help predict these amazing events.


Being truly loved is the desire of every heart. Some might have tried and got disappointed in return. This might have dejected them and they decided to stop looking for anymore. We must tell you that it is not too late; you can still find your true love. We admit that finding the true love of your life is not that easy because it is lifetime decision and you can’t put your rest of the life at stake. Moreover, the complicated nature of the people further complicates the process. There is also a prerequisite in the process that you need to fully accept who you really are and what do you expect from your partner.

And once he/ she are in your life, your life will have to mean. You may find it very hard to find the true love if you do not know how, when and where to search. Even there are few who believe that true love will find its way to them, they do not have to look for it. It may be true for some but many cannot just rely on destiny. So if you are having a hard time finding the right one for you, approach us without giving it a second thought Aamil Babaji H.J.Ahmed Dehlvi Astrologer assures you that you will hear the bells ringing in no time.